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Prepare to pop up

The thing with popups is that they happen very quickly. To make the most of these short term opportunities, its best you be prepared.

Over the last few months, our team has been involved in setting up a number of popup shops around the country, so we’re getting a good dose of first hand experience. We’ve also been in lots of talks about popup shops – about how these are gaining popularity as a smart way to fill vacant spaces with exciting short-term concepts, while landlords arrange long-term leases.

For big brands and new talent, popups offer a spontaneous window of opportunity for face to face engagement with consumers. Popping up gives you the chance to be at the right place, at the right time. 

So, here’s our cheat sheet to help you get ready to pop up:

  • Popup ShopShop promotes properties available for popups – make sure you’re signed up to our property flash to get updates about spots available for popups (in shopping centres and ‘on street’) around the country.
  • Send us a request for the property you’re after – one you have seen on our website, received in a mailer, or your wish list of places to popup. We’ll let you know when we find a ‘match’, and assist with the legal stuff, like submitting a lease offer for the space, presenting your concept and store plan, and finalising agreements and terms.
  • Understand what you’re getting for the price you’re paying. Is the store equipped with essential fittings, such as lights and power, flooring and a back of house area? If not, select our ‘white box essential service package’.
  • Speak to PopUp Shop Shop about popup display and store fit solutions. In partnership with The Design Company,  TDC & Co., we offer custom-designed popup kits that are tailored to your popup. We also offer a selection of modular display pieces to hire from our growing catalogue of popup fittings. (With our special popup service offering, we’re able to transform an empty shell of a store into a well-designed trading space in just two days.)
  • Select the products from your range best suited to your popup shop’s market, size and location.
  • Recruit and plan your staff, making sure that you have extra hands for busy times.
  • Make sure you have the systems to accept payment (card transactions very important) and to capture customer contact details.
  • Plan to launch your popup, including an engaging communication campaign. You may wish to host a launch event, to offer members something special for stopping by your popup, or offer once off popup specials – either in price or as an exclusive product selection…
  • Prepare those finer details that will make a visit to your popup shop a memorable experience.


Have fun.

And let them shop.

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