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Popups please Experience Collectors

Just in case anyone doubted the power of exceptional experiences in attracting customer attention, a new report from Harvard Business Review reveals that 86% of business leaders agree that customer experience is vital for business success. The survey, which includes 600+ leaders from the world’s biggest brands, also establishes social media as the foundation for customer experience. Your customers are more precious than ever about how they spend their attention.

What has driven customers’ expectations around attention seizing so high?

With ever-increasing digital media consumption and growing choice in just about every marketplace, attention is scarce. Attracting and maintaining customer attention has never been as tricky. No brand has it easy. If your products, services and experiences don’t reward attention with one-of-a-kind stories and a sense of connection, they will flop.

To get consumers to engage, brands have even been breaking loose from their verticals to pop up in surprising places and delight new customers. Some of our favourite examples of outlier popups include Amazon’s continued rollout of popup stores and Kanye West’s non-musical success in launching his merchandise popup shop model.

Your customers are masters at collecting experiences. Only the best deserve their attention. Get in touch with us to start planning your popup.

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