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Popup shops make so much sense right now

Posted by Janine on April 23, 2018
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Blurred Boundaries

The pursuit of omni-channel presence means you need to engage your customer everywhere they are – online, offline, in store, on holiday, at work, at play, on the way… More than just increasing your reach (and spend) across marketing channels, this is about how your brand’s values comfortably fit into all the aspects of your community’s lives.

Consumer Shifts

Stores are expected to be so much more than they were before. Smart retailers are responding to consumers’ needs for a sense of real connection by creating experiences beyond the norm and authentic communications that speak to shoppers’ aspirations. Bigger is not better anymore. People want curated product selections and experiences that suit their lifestyles and aspirations.

The Internet

It’s ubiquitous. Almost everyone has access. So just about everyone can find what you have to offer. But just about anyone can offer products and services similar to yours too. The Internet’s enabled quick comparrisons and fact-checking to influence purchases. Likes and thumbs down keep companies in check. How does your brand differentiate itself with so much choice online?

We believe that popup shops enable authentic connections between brands and consumers, and that they’re an ideal approach to market research.

We look forward to facilitating yours soon!


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