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Popup Advice, With love from Us.

At PopUp Shop Shop, we produce awesome popup stores and concepts across the country, all year round. This ‘exclusively-popup’ involvement in South Africa’s retail scene offers such valuable insight into how to make it simpler and easier for your brand to pop up. We’d like to share our 5 top tips, based on the questions we’re most frequently asked, to inspire your 2019 popup planning:


How long’s a Pop-Up?  

Technically: anything from one day to one year. In general, landlords prefer a minimum lease period of 3 months, but some of our property partners are happy to host short popups. In our experience, short-term leases need a bit more motivation.

Popping up for longer has benefits, such as offsetting store set up costs with sales over a longer period, more exposure for your brand with the opportunity for repeat business and really getting to know the market segment you’re visiting. People like to scout about, and a popup always piques interest – sales do not always happen the first time someone walks in your doors (although that’s the goal, obv!).


What do I need to do to Pop-Up?

One thing that seems hard to avoid, is short lead times to actually implement a popup. Ongoing vacancy is not guaranteed for popup spaces, so you need to act swiftly when the right space comes along, to secure the lease and to set up shop as efficiently as possible. The quicker you get to trading, the quicker you can tweak the snags and maximize your time and return on investment in store.

Our best advice is to plan as much as you can ahead of time, especially the details that are really important to you. Think about things like:

  • Your basic shop-fitting requirements – and speak to us about our capsule collection of modular shop fitting solutions for hire and basic store services;
  • Design your in-store branding, plan your communication campaign so that its just about ready to go;
  • If your popup objectives reach beyond just retail, set out how you intend to document indicators (number of feet through the door, for example, or shoppers that were prompted via social media channels).


How much does it cost to pop up?

Each pop up is unique and the cost of your next pop up will be influenced by what you want to achieve with your pop up and how you want to achieve it. Would you like to pop up at a premium destination mall like Sandton City or the V&A Waterfront or would you prefer to pop up at a high street location? Will your pop up period be a day, a week, a month or three months? Do you have a point of sale device, staff to run your pop up and furnishings to kit out your store and display your awesome product? All of these questions are linked to pricing points. Chat to us to help you navigate your popup project.


What do I do when I’ve seen a space I’d like to pop up in?

PopUp Shop Shop will send you property opportunities that match your request. We do recommend site-visits to narrow down your selection, if that’s possible. Once you’ve seen a space that feels right, it’s time to submit more information about your company and popup concept to the landlord for approval.

Prepare a visual presentation of what your popup shop will look like. Use images of previous popups or brand activations; as well as references for the shop-fitting and interior look and feel. An easy to view, inspired quick pitch gives landlords the first impression of your store and brand.

Let us know if you’d like us to assist with refining and packaging your concept.


For *FICA’s sake, can you help

In most cases, you will need to submit a tenant application form along with your company’s FICA information to the landlord. We recommend that you prepare and keep the following docs close at hand:

  • CIPC certificates of Registration: CoR 14.3, CoR 14.1 and CoR 15.1A
  • SARS issued doc confirming VAT Reg. if applicable
  • SARS issued doc confirming Tax Income Number
  • Proof of Business Address
  • Letter confirming source of funds (from which rent will be paid)
  • Certified Copy of Managing Principle ID
  • Confirmation of Managing Principle’s residential address
  • Shareholding Information (include ID and residential address proof for all +25% shareholders)
  • A board resolution preferably on your company letterhead, authorizing your Company to enter into and conclude the Lease for your pop up and authorizing your Managing Principle to sign the Lease for your pop up on behalf of your Company.
  • The resolution should include a separate recordal confirming the nature of your business and the source of funds from which rental will be paid; identify who will be signatory to the Lease and identifies (include contact details, and residential address) of your company’s highest-ranking person.

Once all of this is reviewed and approved, you’ll receive a Lease Agreement from the Property for your confirmation.


Bonus Tip: The Face of your Brand

Your popup store may be the first engagement someone has with your brand. The truth is that despite all the effort you have put into your product development and your popup’s look and feel, peoples’ impression of your brand will be shaped by their in-store experience. Be very clear and careful to hire the right people to be on your shop floor when you cannot be there yourself – they are the final extension of your brand, and your eyes and ears. Make time to brief and excite them, so that their input compliments yours.



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