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Just five things for you to start planning your popup

One would think that popups happen quickly, but they don’t. Popping up well takes some planning, and best you be prepared so that you get the most out of your pop up experience. To secure a great property, especially one of those special gems that are vacant only for a gap between two long term leases, you want to be ready to pop up.

PopUp Shop Shop’s here to make popping up seamless, fun and fruitful. We’re doing our best to ensure that you have access to all the services you need for popping up, at the right prices and in good time. Never hesitate to be in touch to discuss your popup ideas – we love all things popup! – or with your popup request.


  1. Your Mission & Merchandise

There are many good reasons to pop up. You may be building or repositioning a brand, you might want to test a new product or sell a whole bunch of distressed stock without interfering with your new season lines in stores…Get clear about your reason for popping up and make sure your strategy aligns to your goals.

Select your merchandise carefully. (Even the marketing ‘takeaways’ that visitors will leave your popup with.) If your products are not good enough, they’re not going to sell, no matter how many popups you do.

  1. The Costs

Popups come in many shapes and sizes, as do their budgets.

The costs you should consider are gross rental charges , store design and shop fitting, staffing, and your marketing and communication campaigns.

Property prices vary dramatically depending on their location and the duration of your popup. PopUp Shop Shop has established relationships with property owners and managers across the country, and we do our best to ensure that you always get a good popup rental rate.

Sourcing your popup services from Pop Up Shop Shop can go a long way in reducing costs and challenges. We’re your one stop shop for popup spaces, concept design, basic and bespoke shop fitting and temporary staffing.

  1. Store Design

Your store should be inviting, especially as you’re only there for a short while. We recommend including ‘popup’ in your visual branding on your shop windows and other marketing material, so that customers know that you’re offering something special, with just a window of opportunity.

And, never underestimate the impact of good lighting.

Whether you’re looking for a full white box conversion, simple shop fitting and display solutions (ask to see our catalogue of modular furniture) or a bespoke pop up kit, Pop Up Shop Shop has you covered.

  1. Communication

You’ve got to let your network know that you’re popping up and encourage people to pop in. You could offer an incentive for people who purchase something to encourage sales. Make sure to communicate the uniqueness of the experience you’re creating and use all channels of communication at your disposal to promote your popup.

  1. Your Team

As in all retail, having the right team on the floor is important, but especially so in a popup. Your brand has only a short period of time to make an impression, and you want that impression to be good.

A good briefing pre-popup should ensure that the team know how to answer visitors’ questions (as well as where to direct questions that they cannot manage to), and are knowledgeable and passionate about your products and company.

 CONTACT US to set your popup plans in motion. 

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