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PopUp Shop Shop makes popping up a breeze.

We connect brands to great spaces in shopping centres and high street locations for short term rental opportunities. We also offer a whole suite of services, from shop-fitting rentals to temporary staff, with trusted partners to ensure efficient, quality popups.

It all started as a result of our own first popup experience. It was exhausting work. What complicated our efforts more than making sure we had all the nitty gritty retail details in check, were the lengthy lease application protocols that seemed to clash with the supposed spontaneity and ease of popping up!

Luckily, our first popup shop was a success for everyone involved. And, that experience inspired us to get going and to (quite literally) fill the gaps in the South African retail market. Since 2015, we’ve been creating the ultimate marketplace to connect brands like yours to everything you need pop up.

PopUp Shop Shop works with landlords and property managers, to offer companies access to vacant stores in popular retail destinations, even if only for short periods in between long term leases. Our team facilitates introductions to properties that match brands’ popup requests, and guides the way through the application process and store preparation (as required).

We’re committed to making your popup experience seamless and successful. Contact us today to get your popup plans in motion.