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How it all started:

PopUp Shop Shop started in direct response to our experience of setting up a popup shop for the first time. It was exhausting work – we installed a complete store in 3days, with little previous experience of the nitty-gritty details in creating a successful retail environment. What made or efforts even more complicated were the lengthy lease agreements and restrictive terms that seemed to clash with the supposed spontaneity and ease of popping up.

Luckily our first popup experience was a positive one overall: not only did our client decide to extend their short-term lease, generating more value for their brand and the property but the concept of a one-stop popup-shop-shop was ignited.

Six months later, in July 2015, PopUp Shop Shop started offering services to property owners and managers wanting to fill vacant retail space (sometimes even just for a short period between long leases), as well as big brands and smaller concerns wanting to pop up in South Africa.

What’s a popup?

A popup is a shop, gallery or experience in a temporary location that is intended to operate for only a short period of time (could be a one day event to 3 months long). These initiatives have a tendency to appear unannounced in vacant spaces, usually very creatively, adding a fresh feel to retail to the delight of consumers.

We intend to make popping up as easy as booking a hotel room online.

In addition to sourcing spaces for popups on ‘high street’ locations, Popup Shop Shop has good relationships with shopping centre managers across the country. We’re working closely with our property partners to streamline the short-term rental process.

Our popup property portfolio includes the spaces you see listed on this website, as well as a selection of special offers not advertised for registered members. (Make sure to sign up to receive our monthly Property Flash email.)

Send us a popup requests via our website and we’ll find properties to match.

With our partners The Design Company, TDC & Co., we’re engineering a range of modular, easy to assemble, lightweight furniture available to hire from our catalogue. We also custom design popup-kits for brands and offer essential basic services (such as ‘white box’ conversions, certified electrical fittings, cleaning and setup).

If new products can come and go, why can’t stores that display them do the same?

Around the world, trendsetting companies like Google, Chanel, MTV, Levi’s and Nike (to name just a few) have done popups to connect with their customers by creating memorable brand experiences.

In South Africa, companies are introducing new lines and concept stores as popups to get face-to-face market feedback, and to extend their brand footprint. In the current financial climate, popups are a safe way for emerging designers and startup businesses to test retail, without getting tied in to brick and mortar store rental agreements before they’re really ready. The trend is also proving beneficial in taking online offline, giving customers the chance to browse, touch and feel products before they purchase.

Host a popup at your place.

Listing your property with Popup Shop Shop is free of charge and easy to do. Fill out the form online to submit as much information as possible.

You can even specify the type of popup you’re interested in, the minimum rental period and set the rental price per day, week and/or month. We will be in touch to complete your listing before publishing and promoting it.

Retail is not just about buying products anymore. It’s about providing experiences for your market to delight in.

Be in touch for more information. We look forward to popping up with you.